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Developed is a multi-disciplinary business, and we pride ourselves on delivering prompt, sound and quality advice. Our core general service offerings include planning, spatial and delivery within the property industry.

Medium Density Codes – Released, operations 10th of April 2024

The new medium density policy contains development controls which apply to single and grouped dwellings, in areas coded R30 and above, and multiple dwellings coded R30-R60. This ranges from single detached or semi-detached houses on small lots, terraces, villas, apartment houses and low-rise apartments.
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Solutions both inside and outside the box.

Our services include town planning, surveying, subdivision, strata solutions, advisory and delivery with all services tailered to meet your needs.

Town Planning

Our Planning division offers the skills to unlock the approvals you seek. With a sound understanding of the WA planning framework, we can help you navigate successful outcomes.

Surveying & Spatial

Our Licensed Surveyors can assist you in all aspects of surveying and spatial services in the ever emerging digital world.

Built-Form Services

Our built form division can assist with apartment development Our Planning and Survey division are fluid in all aspects of the built form from strata plans through to relevant easements along with condition clearing of complex projects.


One of the key benefits of Developed managing your project is our town planner's often aid in allowing on time and smooth project approvals reducing delays and unforeseen issues. Our surveyors further aid in the prompt issuing of plans to ensure the tilting process is not delayed.

Strata Services

Our strata division can assist with existing strata changes, to advise on aspects of the Strata Titles Act which can be difficult to navigate.


Subdivision is the division of land through either green title, survey strata or strata subdivision. Our inhouse team can deliver the process from start to finish.

Land & Title Documentation

Our tenure division can assist with preparing relevant documents for lodgement at Landgate.


Our Advisory division understands that not all projects and advice is straight forward, this is where our team can provide advisory services exactly to your needs. This often involves complex matters that are handled by our senior staff or directors.
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What our clients think of us

Discover our latest projects in Perth and across WA, showcasing our versatility and commitment to excellence in planning, spatial and delivery. Our client testimonials reflect our passion and expertise, highlighting the trust and satisfaction our clients place in our services.

It is our first time to invest in Perth, and we want to purchase a property with big land size with potential subdivided into two lot. Developed property worked with buying agent to assist us evaluate the lot by doing site survey to make sure we can retain the existing home and build new one at the back. Danial and his team is very professional in this space, and very responsive whenever i have any question and concern. Thanks Danial and Team.

Sovanvichet Pheng
November 25, 2021

Daniel helped me with a desktop survey requiring a very quick turn around as a condition on a contract. Excellent responsiveness and he talked me through all of my questions to help make sure that I was making a sound investment with minimised risk to my future development plans.

Tristan Whitehome
November 25, 2021

We had issues with getting approvals from council. We contracted Dan and the team to help. They provided both support to the architect and liaised with council. Achieving a great outcome for our site.

Liam Mcrae
November 4, 2021

I have used people in the building trade for years, as a Real Estate Agent and Developer, I would highly recommend Daniel Paton and his team! I had absolutely no issues which is a miracle in this game. Daniel helped with my process in a highly professional and quick decisive manor. I would use him again in a heart beat! I do not give good feedback lightly as I am a total perfectionist. If more trades were like him this Industry would not be in such absolute chaos!

Deborah Levy
October 1, 2021

After being given Daniel at Developed Property’s contact details from our building broker, we found him to be friendly and efficient right from the first contact. We received our detailed survey plan in a timely manner and he has been helpful liaising with our designer in answering further queries. His fees are very competitive also. We would highly recommend his services. Thank you Daniel.

Heather Warren
September 24, 2021

DEVELOPED provided a professional and timely service on an end to end subdivision. Will be using them again for other projects.

Marcus Deshon
September 5, 2021

Daniel has been very easy to communicate with. He arranged to meet in person even though it was a weekend due to us living up North and my hubby being in Perth limited time. He has picked up details which otherwise would have delayed our building months longer.

Jayne Huckle
September 24, 2021
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Below are some of our latest updates, news or information that can help you in your project and your journey.
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    Urban development in Perth is undergoing a transformation, driven by the need to optimise limited space and enhance the quality of life for its residents. At the heart of this evolution in the construction industry lies the crucial process of built-form assessments, which play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our cities. This
    Render of Ogilvie Road, Mount Pleasant development buliding.
  • Transforming Mount Pleasant: The Ogilvie Road Development

    Mount Pleasant is on the verge of a remarkable transformation with the upcoming development at 16 Ogilvie Road. This unique project, recently featured in The West Australian, will breathe new life into an old office block, transforming it into a dynamic multi-use complex. The $14.5 million development, will introduce short-stay apartments, a childcare centre, a
    Render of Mount Pleasant development building.
  • Your Quarterly Need To Knows

    Welcome to our latest Quarterly Update, where we dissect the evolving landscape of development, infused with insightful analysis and crucial updates designed to keep you well-informed and ahead in the dynamic Western Australian market. Town Planning Reforms to Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) 1 MARCH 2024 The new Metro Inner, Metro Outer and Regional DAPs become
  • A Step-by-step Guide to Subdividing Your Property

    Subdividing a property can be a complex process, but it can also be a great way to maximize your property's value and potential. Whether you're looking to sell a portion of your land, create multiple lots for development, or simply maximize your property's space, understanding the process of subdivision is essential. However, it's critical to
  • Subdivision Roadmap (INFILL)

    Want to understand what a subdivision journey looks like? We've produced a roadmap infographic capturing all the key stages of a typical subdivision (infill) to help you visualise all the steps in the process. Check out the infographic below and let us know if you need any advice or assistance during any of the stages

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services does Developed offer?

    Developed offers a comprehensive range of services in the property sector, including town planning, surveying, subdivision, strata solutions, advisory, and delivery. Our solutions are customised to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring a tailored approach to every project.

  • Can Developed handle complex development and subdivision projects?

    Yes, we specialise in complex approvals, built form, subdivisions, including green title, survey strata, and built strata subdivisions. Our in-house team manages the entire process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and efficient subdivision process.

  • What makes Developed unique in the Perth property development market?

    Developed stands out for its multi-disciplinary approach, tailored solutions, and deep expertise within WA. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions that are both practical and imaginative, catering to a wide range of client needs.

  • How can I get a proposal for my project from Developed?

    You can contact us directly through our website to discuss your project. We’ll assess your needs and provide a proposal that is suited to your specific requirements.

  • How does Developed ensure quality in its services?

    Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Developed. We maintain high standards by employing experienced professionals, using the latest technology, and adhering to industry best practices. Regular training and quality checks are integral to our process.

  • Is Developed experienced in handling projects of various sizes?

    Yes, we have a diverse portfolio that includes projects of different scales and complexities. From small residential subdivisions to large commercial developments, our team has the expertise to manage a wide range of project sizes effectively.

Download our step-by-step guide to subdiving your property

Learn the key steps and important considerations to successfully subdividing your property.