Town Planning

Our Town Planning Services

Our team of expert planning consultants and town planners offers a holistic approach to development applications, zoning regulations, and strategic urban planning. Whether you’re embarking on a residential, commercial, or industrial project, our comprehensive services are designed to streamline the planning process, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and the successful realisation of your development goals. Let our expertise in town planning transform your vision into a viable and successful project.


Dedicated Planning Consultant

Embark on your development journey with confidence. Our planning consultants guide you through your options for informed decision-making in Perth and beyond.

Pre-Lodgement Advice

Pre-lodgement is a great way to make sure your project will go smoothly, our team can review any concept or final designs prior to lodgement.

Development Application Consultant

We are often engaged by builders, designs and architects to lodge applications on their client’s behalf so the process to obtain a Development Approval is smoother with less bumps along the way.

Sole Planning Justifications

We have expert experience in all types of development applications, across Perth and regional WA. We can take your proposal through the whole approval process.

Design Review Panel (DRP) Coordination

Our team expertly coordinates and navigates the DRP process, providing crucial support to elevate your development project.

Development Assessment Panel (DAP/JDAP) Applications

Is your application over $2 million dollars? A DAP may be a smoother and more transparent process for you. Let our team assist with your next development.

Change Of Use Applications

Relocating your business or expanding? Often this may require or trigger a change of use application. Our track record of successful approvals makes us leaders in facilitating business transitions.

State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) Mediation And Appeal Representation

We are expert negotiators and often resolve most matters prior to a formal hearing through mediation.

We can also act as an expert witness or advocate on your matter.

Urban Planning

Strategic urban planning services to transform visions into viable projects. Let our expertise in Perth’s urban landscape shape your development’s success.

Subdivision Design

Maximise lot yields with our strategic subdivision design services. Our team’s guidance ensures the best possible outcomes for your land development projects.

Subdivision Applications

We have lodged and obtained approvals for arguably some of the most complex infill subdivisions within Western Australia.

Local Development Plans

From Local Development Plans (LDP) to comprehensive structure plans, our planning services are tailored to unlock your property’s full potential in Perth and surrounding areas.

Rezoning & Scheme Amendments

Are you considering a zoning change, or a use not allowed? You may want to consider going through a scheme amendment process to obtain the highest and best use of your property.

Planning Compliance Matters

Our team excels in resolving planning compliance issues, from unapproved structures or uses, ensuring peace with local governance.

Structure Plans

Expertly crafted structure plans to guide development projects with precision, aligning vision with regulatory compliance for success.

Zoning Consultant

Navigate zoning complexities with our consultancy services, leveraging in-depth knowledge to align your project with local regulations and potential.

Planning Feasibility

Mitigate project risks with our detailed planning feasibility studies, providing essential insights to inform decision-making and project strategy.

Frequently Asked Town Planning Questions

What services does a planning consultant offer?

Our planning consultants provide comprehensive services, including development application guidance, zoning advice, and strategic planning for projects of all sizes in Perth and Western Australia. We cater to builders, architects, and property developers, ensuring smooth navigation through the planning process.

How can planning services streamline my development application?

Our planning services are designed to simplify your development application process. From pre-lodgement advice to coordination with Design Review Panels and Development Assessment Panels, we ensure your project progresses smoothly, minimising delays and enhancing approval chances.

Why should I choose a town planner in Perth?

Choosing a town planner familiar with Perth’s unique regulatory and environmental landscape ensures your project aligns with local guidelines and benefits from insider knowledge. Our team offers tailored advice and support, maximising your project’s success potential.

What is the role of a development application consultant?

A development application consultant specialises in preparing and lodging development applications on behalf of clients. They work closely with local councils and regulatory bodies to ensure your project meets all necessary criteria, smoothing the path to approval.

How do I find a town planner near me?

For projects in Perth and regional Western Australia, our team offers expert town planning services. With a deep understanding of local planning regulations and requirements, we’re ideally positioned to support your development goals.

What expertise does urban planning in Perth require?

Urban planning in Perth requires a nuanced understanding of the city’s planning schemes, environmental considerations, and community needs. Our urban planners bring this expertise, ensuring your project contributes positively to Perth’s urban fabric.

Are there town planners for a small project?

Yes, our planning services cater to projects of all sizes, from small residential extensions to large-scale developments. We provide personalised advice and support, ensuring your project navigates the planning process effectively, regardless of its scale.

What does a zoning consultant do?

A zoning consultant advises on land use and zoning matters, helping clients understand potential site uses and navigate the complexities of rezoning applications. They play a crucial role in aligning projects with local planning frameworks and achieving strategic objectives.

Can you assist with change of use applications?

Absolutely. Our team has extensive experience in managing change of use applications, ensuring a smooth transition for your business or development project. We handle all aspects of the application process, from initial advice to securing approval.

I’m having problems with the council. Can I hire a private town planner?

Our team has extensive experience in managing applications and resolving any problems with them to allow the council to approve them most of the time, ensuring a smooth transition for your project. We handle all aspects of the application process, from initial advice to securing approval.