Our Subdivision Services

At Developed Property, we specialise in delivering comprehensive subdivision services across Perth, Australia. Our expertise in subdivision consulting ensures that whether you’re at the initial stages or midway through your project, we provide the guidance and support needed for a smooth process.

With Developed, you gain a partner committed to providing your knowledgeable and accurate advice in subdivision services, ensuring your project’s success every step of the way.


Subdivision Consultant

Completing a subdivision and stumped by what you need to do next or how to start? As your subdivision consultant, we offer expert advice and guidance throughout the subdivision process. Ensuring your project complies with all regulations and optimises the potential of your land.


Creating new land parcels in Western Australia can create the below types:

  • Green Title
  • Survey Strata
  • Strata (Built Form) 
  • Community Titles

We can assist with all types of subdivision in Western Australia.

Subdivision Project Management

Our subdivision project management services encompass the entire project lifecycle, from initial design to final approval. We manage all aspects, ensuring timely completion and adherence to quality and regulatory standards.

Subdivision Surveyor

Our experienced subdivision surveyors specialise in dividing land into new parcels, ensuring accuracy and compliance with local regulations. We provide detailed surveying services for all types of land subdivision.

Contour And Feature Surveys

The bread and butter of surveying. All councils will require a contour and feature survey with most Development Applications. When designing any new home, a Contour and Feature Survey will often be required.

Spatial Advisory

Our spatial advisory services simplify complex spatial challenges, offering clear insights and solutions. We help you navigate spatial planning with ease, helping you realise your property’s potential.

Land And Engineering Surveying

We offer comprehensive land and engineering surveying services across Western Australia. These surveys are vital for accurate land assessment and engineering projects, ensuring precision and reliability.

As-Constructed Surveys

Our as-constructed surveys document the exact condition and specifications of your project upon completion. These surveys are indispensable for verifying construction according to plans and regulatory compliance.

Residential Subdivision Design

We excel in residential subdivision design, creating functional and aesthetic residential spaces. Our designs consider community needs and environmental sustainability, ensuring value-added residential developments.

Commercial Subdivision Design

Our commercial subdivision design services focus on creating efficient and strategic layouts for commercial developments. We ensure that every design maximises commercial potential and aligns with business objectives.

Aerial Imagery

Utilising drone technology, our aerial imagery services provide high-resolution images and data for your project around Western Australia.

Frequently Asked Town Planning Questions

Minimum land size to subdivide WA?

The minimum land size required for subdivision in Western Australia can vary based on several factors, including the location of the land, the zoning regulations in place, and the type of subdivision being considered (e.g., Green Title, Survey Strata, or Strata Title). Typically, local government authorities and the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) set these requirements, and they can differ from one area to another.

For an accurate and current understanding of the minimum land size required for subdivision in your specific area within Western Australia, reach out to the team at Developed.

What is the Process for Obtaining Approval for a Subdivision in WA?

Obtaining approval for a subdivision involves several steps, including initial consultation, preparing and lodging a subdivision application with the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), and adhering to the conditions set forth in the approval. Engaging a professional subdivision consultant can streamline this process.

Can Existing Commercial Properties be Subdivided in WA?

Yes, existing commercial properties can be subdivided, subject to compliance with local planning regulations and the suitability of the property for subdivision. This process may involve surveying, rezoning applications, and adjustments to infrastructure and access routes.