Surveying & Spatial

Our Surveying & Spatial Services

Our dedicated team of surveyors and spatial analysts provide comprehensive surveying and spatial services to meet all your land and property needs. Whether you’re embarking on a subdivision project, require detailed boundary surveying, or need expert advice on property surveys, we are here to guide you through every step.


Subdivision Advisory

Embarking on a property subdivision but unsure of the next steps or where to begin? Our expert advisory services are designed to navigate you through the intricacies of subdivision, ensuring a smooth and successful process.


In Western Australia, creating new land parcels can be categorised into:

  • Green Title
  • Survey Strata
  • Strata (Built Form)
    1. Small schemes
    2. Large apartment schemes
    3. Strata re-subdivisions
    4. Strata conversions to survey strata
  • Community Titles

Our knowledge spans across all subdivision types in Western Australia, offering you unparalleled support and guidance.

Subdivision Management

Entrust our skilled team with your next subdivision project. We manage the entire process from inception to completion, ensuring every detail is handled for a seamless execution.

Contour and Feature Surveys

The bread and butter of surveying. All councils will require a contour and feature survey with most Development Applications. When designing any new home, a Contour and Feature Survey will often be required.

Land And Engineering Surveying

From boundary surveying to as-built surveying, our team delivers accuracy and precision in every project.

As-Built Surveying

Our as-built survey services across Western Australia ensure that your construction projects are accurately documented, providing a reliable record of the built environment.

Spatial Advisory

Navigating the complexities of the spatial world can be daunting. Our spatial advisory services are tailored to demystify these complexities, offering clear and concise guidance. The Spatial world can be complex, so we are here to make this simple.

Land Surveyor Services

Our land surveyors provide expert services for mapping, boundary determination, and land development. With a focus on accuracy and legal compliance, we support a broad range of land surveying needs across Western Australia.

Construction Surveyor Expertise

Specialising in construction surveying, we ensure accurate layout and monitoring of construction sites. Our construction surveyors play a vital role in the successful execution of building projects, aligning with precise specifications and standards.

Property Surveyor Solutions

Offering detailed commercial and residential property surveys, our services are designed to define property boundaries, assist with disputes, and facilitate real estate transactions. Our property surveyors deliver clarity and peace of mind for property owners and developers.

Boundary Surveying Services

Our boundary surveying services help determine property lines, resolving disputes and establish land ownership. Rely on our expertise for definitive boundary delineation and legal documentation.

Aerial Imagery

Leveraging the latest in aerial and drone technology, we offer advanced surveying solutions that provide comprehensive views of your property, aiding in detailed planning and analysis.

Laser Scanning

Leveraging the latest in technology, we offer advanced scanning solutions that provide comprehensive point clouds, data management planning and analysis.Larger architecture firms and forward thinking project managers see the value in scanning solutions.