Render of Mount Pleasant development building.

Transforming Mount Pleasant: The Ogilvie Road Development

Mount Pleasant is on the verge of a remarkable transformation with the upcoming development at 16 Ogilvie Road. This unique project, recently featured in The West Australian, will breathe new life into an old office block, transforming it into a dynamic multi-use complex. The $14.5 million development, will introduce short-stay apartments, a childcare centre, a medical facility, and food outlets, injecting a fresh energy into the neighbourhood.

Render of Ogilvie Road, Mount Pleasant development buliding.

Developed Property’s Multifaceted Role

The team at Developed Property has been instrumental in bringing this project to life. Our comprehensive suite of services, showcasing our expertise across various sectors of the real estate development industry, has ensured the success and quality of this project.
We provided these services for this development:

  1. Advisory Services
  2. Built Form Services
  3. Strata Management
  4. Surveying & Spatial Services
  5. Town Planning

A Closer Look at the Facilities

The reimagined complex at Ogilvie Road is designed to serve a wide range of needs:

Childcare Centre:

Located on the second and third floors, this facility includes a 1020 sqm outdoor play area. It is thoughtfully designed to manage sound, ensuring minimal impact on nearby residents.

Medical Centre:

The first floor will host a state-of-the-art medical centre, providing essential health services to the community.

Food Outlets and Retail Spaces:

The ground floor will be bustling with cafes and retail spaces, adding to the street’s vibrancy and appeal.

Short-Stay Apartments:

The upper floors will feature serviced apartments with access to a roof terrace, offering modern accommodations with stunning views

Community and Connectivity

This development is more than just a building; it’s a community hub designed to foster connectivity. Strategically located within walking distance from public transport services, it will feature amenities like bicycle parking, electric vehicle charging stations, and scooter bays, promoting sustainable urban mobility and enhancing the quality of life for the community.

The development at 16 Ogilvie Road, Mount Pleasant, is not just a project, but a community initiative. With the team at Developed Property, providing essential services from advisory to town planning, the project promises enhanced urban living spaces and a revitalisation of the community’s social and economic activities. This project is a showcase of how thoughtful development can transform an ‘ugly‘ building into a vibrant community asset, making Mount Pleasant an even more desirable place to live and work.

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