Strata Services

Our Strata Services Services

Our specialised team at Developed offers tailored strata consultancy services, experts in managing the intricacies of strata title applications and survey strata subdivisions in WA. Whether you are navigating the strata process for new developments, seeking to understand the laws surrounding existing dwellings, or require strategic advice on strata management, our professionals are dedicated to facilitating every part of your journey. With a deep understanding of Western Australian strata legislation and a commitment to delivering custom strata advice, we empower clients to achieve their property objectives efficiently and effectively, ensuring each strata title application is handled with precision and expertise.


Strata Scheme Terminations - Advisory

Navigating the complexities of ending a strata scheme? Our expert team provides strategic advice and support for the scheme termination process, ensuring legal compliance and protecting the interests of all parties involved, including the owners corporation and individual lot owners.

Strata By-Law Consulting

Unsure about amending your strata by-laws? Our consultancy services offer specialised guidance in updating by-laws to meet the evolving needs of your strata community, ensuring harmony and legal adherence, with amendments handled by our experienced strata lawyers.

Strata Disposition Management

Managing the intricate details of strata dispositions? We assist in the preparation and execution of disposition statements, streamlining the transfer or amendment of lot ownership within strata schemes, with the support of licensed valuers and professional surveyors.

Survey Strata Conversion Services

Considering converting to survey strata? Our team provides comprehensive support in transitioning your property, ensuring accurate boundary definitions and enhancing title clarity for future developments, including the registration of new survey strata titles.

Strata Mergers and Consolidation

Merging strata lots or properties can optimise value and management. Our services facilitate the merger process, offering seamless integration and strategic planning for your strata assets, with legal documentation and administration managed by our skilled team.

Bank Consent and Financial Liaison

Acquiring bank consents for strata transactions? We liaise with financial institutions to secure necessary approvals, ensuring smooth progression of your strata-related financial dealings, with our strata consultants coordinating every step.

Strata Title Registrations with State Revenue

Navigating the lodgement process with the Office of State Revenue? Our team ensures accurate and timely submissions for stamp duty assessments and other financial requisites in strata transactions, with personalised service to assist every client.

New Strata Title Application Process

Launching a new strata project? We provide expert assistance in new title applications, facilitating the legal and official establishment of your strata scheme, with our professional team guiding you through the registration and documentation process.

Strata Management Statement Development

Crafting management statements for your strata scheme? Our services include the development of comprehensive management guidelines, ensuring effective governance and operational clarity for strata entities, with our strata consultants working on your behalf to create a well-structured environment.

Survey Strata Subdivision Advisory

Specialising in survey strata subdivisions, we provide guidance through the intricate process, from surveying to registration. Our team ensures accurate boundary delineation and legal compliance, allowing for the efficient creation of new strata titles.

Frequently Asked Town Planning Questions

Is strata a good idea in Western Australia?

Strata can be beneficial, offering structured management and shared costs for common property maintenance, but it’s important to understand the responsibilities and fees involved with being part of an owners corporation.

What are the cons of strata title?

Cons include ongoing fees, potential restrictions on property use, the necessity for consensus in decision-making, and dependency on the strata manager and owners corporation for property management.

Who governs strata in WA?

Strata in Western Australia is governed by the Strata Titles Act, with strata schemes managed by strata managers or owners corporations, under the oversight of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

What is the difference between survey strata and built strata?

Survey strata defines land parcels with land boundaries, suitable for both developed and undeveloped land, while built strata pertains to buildings and structures to divide the land, often with more defined individual property boundaries at part lots.